Sweepchain is a Blockchain Innovation for Real-Time Transparent

and Verifiable Sweepstakes, Contests and Lotteries

Trusted Contests

In partnership with Universal Pictures, TVCOM launched the first global fashionista contest in anticipation of the release of the Pitch Perfect 3 movie. Fans of the show would download TVCOM's proprietary fashion commerce app - Nelo, to create fashion looks for their favorite character. Top looks would be judged by the film's costume designer, Salvador Perez and the winner will receive the entire outfit for free.

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Case Study: Rollup the Rim

Shoppers always wonder if one actually win stuff in contests, how many prizes are won and if a centralized contest could be trusted ? Using TVCOM's SweepChainTM technology, upcoming contests will also contain scannable QR codes that is linked to a public ledger, which facilitates real-time, transparent verification and tracking of the entire contest .

Within the official app of the contest, users can see a map with interactive dots representing winners across the country. As more winners claim their prizes, the map will update in real-time to show contest engagement and wins.

Case Study: TV Sweepstakes

Running highly engaging TV contests and Sweepstakes have been historically challenging to optimize for adequate ROI. Hesitation of fans to engage with a particular contest or sweepstake is linked to doubts related to chances of winning. Leveraging the power of SweepChainTM, Live TV contests can provide a transparent medium for fan engagement and prize offerings

White label DApp

Our technology runs as a white label decentralized application that provides real time contest transparency and verifiability through SweepChainTM. Your customers can now verify results of your contests - today or many years from now on a publically available distributed network.

The transparency of the platform can also help minimize legal work and lawsuits that would benefit your business.

Patent Pending: USPTO-62607318

"Cryptographic and Decentralized Mechanisms of Establishing Immutable Trust in Contests, Sweepstakes and Lotteries"



We will setup a time to explore your company needs in detail and develop a custom tailored strategy

Blockchain Codes

You will receive specific smart blockchain QR codes for each entry, box or label


We will provide you an API to embed in your existing platform / app, as well as a whitelabel QR Scanner

Live Tracker


Using any web enabled smart device, your customers can check if they have won or not


If a customer wins, it would be recorded on a distributed ledger on thousands of transparent computer nodes


By bringing transparency to your contests, you build brand loyalty


AT TVCOM, we are dedicated in building transformative and exponential technologies that jumps the innovation curve. Our company has been around since 2014 and cash flow positive since its inception.

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